Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Latin American Woman Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Latin American Woman - Essay Example Generally the cases represented in this scenario are the low class, middle class or the upper class and the variety of the classes of people has a completely direct effect between the people, their relative powers and status in the society (Ninenth, 2002). In the actual life situations, the members of the upper class always have more political power and influence on the decisions made within the society compared to all the other classes of people. This people include the politicians and the wealthy and stable business individuals in the society and issues to do with major decisions in the society. This population is small and comprises of about 1 or 2 percent of the communities mostly born within this social class. The middle class individuals fall in a category of the society which clearly faces the most of contention in relation to the societal perception because it falls within the periphery of the high class and the middle class and can either ascend to the high class or descend to the low class members of the society. They form the people of white collar jobs and either is working or the individuals with stabilizing businesses with good capital able to sustain almost their entire capital needs and demands. It is generally believed especially in Latin America that the low class individuals and families are living in crime ridden areas with poor infrastructure. The areas are perceived to be having decaying environment with almost zero civil services and the poor characterisation of basic amenities. The low class members of the society are characterised by the homelessness and the rampant and wide spread characterisation of unemployment of the individuals within the society. (Galeano, 1999) The social classes of the individuals has a completely great repercussion on the lives of the individuals plus the lives of their children for example the individuals social class will probably determine the kind of school an individual attends or the kind of facilities he is to use especially for learning and recreation and this will have either a negative addition to his learning or general development especially of the young individuals. The variety of the classes also has effect on the health of an individual in relation to the attention he obtains from the medical personnel and the ability to pay for better and more efficient health services. The jobs also vary according to the classes, those individuals in the middle or upper classes are always enjoying greater freedom in their jobs whereas the individuals in the low classes face job opportunities with great constraints hence don’t have enough freedom of issues herein. The courts and policing are also biased in relation to the social classes in the society favouring mostly the middle and high classes in relation to the low class. The women in Latin America face a number of issues especially of socio economic aspects like the deprivation of their human rights to education and their genera l empowerment to ensure that they fully achieve the ultimate goal of life. In Latin America women make up to 50 % of the HIV/AIDS patients while globally the percentage of the affected males is higher than the females and the examination of the prevalence in the Latin America is showing that the prevalence and rations of the infection of women to men affected in Latin America is significantly narrowing down (Hillary, Karen, &

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