Monday, February 10, 2020

Article Reviews Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Article Reviews - Essay Example This is an opening for many small company managers to think in the direction of cooperative work through collaboration. The article enumerates several apt details about Tata that a strategic business manager would find interesting. The details can be seen by an international company as a generalization to a certain extent when making up an image of an Indian company. The main advantage of taking over such companies would be the use of its market for establishing themselves at an international level. The international manager might also look at issues like opening up trade in both the directions. This step will have a tremendous impact on companies worldwide to assess the best way to establish a platform while investing in a place where the company does not have much reputation. The report clearly mentions the various bidders, who were interested in Corus take over and also limns certain third person views on why Tata won the bid. These details would definitely motivate an international business manager of any company to work on similar lines as that of Tata despite fear of competition. The article would promote managers of the competing companies worldwide to think about coming up with better strategies to weaken the opponent collaboration at its inception and over take their opponent in the business race. This article also focuses on an issue that is rather very important and compares a

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