Saturday, December 21, 2019

The Bay Of Pigs - 1217 Words

The Bay of Pigs was an attempted invasion that occurred on the south coast of Cuba. While researching this occurrence, it seems that it was a failed attempt to invade communist Cuba. This invasion was to overthrow the communist leader, Fidel Castro, had power in office until the year 2008. The main reason for the failure, many believe, is because of the Central Intelligence Agency, under the power of the young President John F. Kennedy (Bay of Pigs 378). The purpose of this research paper is to review the events of what was supposed to happen, opposed to what actually took place. Communism is a different type of economic system in which only one person, or a group of people with the same political views, are in power of the country. Some†¦show more content†¦At first, the United States accepted this new form of government as a relief from Batista’s way of governing Cuba. Castro soon started making harsh decisions while in office. He announced his decision to form into Marxism-Leninism, which scared the United States (Goode-Stephen). Cuba then started strengthening its military by forming alliances with other countries and investing in upgrading their military equipment. Fidel Castro took great pride in his military abilities, he expanded his army to 400,000 soldiers. This size of army was about ten times as much as what Batista had it at. Kennedy’s cabinet was frightened by this. Because of the extensive military, â€Å"What was Castro planning to do?† they asked themselves. This made Cuba, and its alliances, at top priority for the CIA (Goode-Stephan). About six mots before the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Cuban Minister told the leaders at the United Nations meeting that he was aware of plans of the invasion. He then stated that he knew the United Stated CIA was behind the attack. They figured out this information from various media networks that were informed about the invasion by the CIA being careless about where and who they we re revealing their plans to. This allowed Castro to become prepared for the invasion along with the areas that were going to be attacked and a time line of when the United States were planning on attacking. On April 14, 1961, the Liberation army sent six different

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